Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chapter Two: The Object

(50,000 years later.) Rego was so bored he couldn’t stand it. He hadn’t been able to find out anything new yet. He was not able to think with all of the boredom. He was at a death point when abruptly a beautiful object appeared. It was a whitish reddish golden thing with the same colored very very fat sticks at the end of it. It contained something amazing. It was a cell.
Unfortunately it was only there for an instant. For the next three thousand years Rego tried and tried and tried and tried to make the object he had once seen. One day Rego had made a cell. He had finally had a good feeling; after fifty-three thousand and fifty years he had been satisfied. After that he decided to make it a little more complicated. So he kept experimenting. He had finally made a cell that could copy itself! (Sometimes it made mistakes.)
After a while the cell turned into a very small gas. It was incredible. Rego was very thankful for the amazing object that had literally saved him from death of boredom, without that object none of this would have happened.

Chapter three will be from a cell’s perspective! Don’t miss chapter three!


  1. I feel a big bang coming on! Can't wait to see what a cell's perspective is like.

  2. Excellent transition from Chapter One! By mentioning boredom again (which was the topic of your last sentence in Chapter One), you help your reader connect the dots from what happened last chapter to what will happen in this chapter. Very strong authorial skills, Clark! Keep on working at it. The best novelists are the one who work the hardest at their craft!