Monday, June 30, 2014

Chapter One: The creation of feelings and shapes

Twice upon a time there were only two things: feelings and a color. The color was called Regoheketti (Rego for short). Rego was insanely bored and lonely because he needed more to do. In the past Rego had felt many feelings such as happy, cheerful, glad, and proud.
         You see, Rego had recently figured out how to take a piece of his body out, shape it, leave it there, change it whenever he wanted, and to put it back in his solid-squirmy-fluid-gassy body. The first 50 times, this brought on all the happy, cheerful, glad, and proud feelings. The next 50,000 times led to very, very extreme boredom. He’s been doing this for 50 years now.
See how it’s boring?

Now this is only chapter one. There are many more chapters coming up. Chapter two will be about when Regoheketti makes a microscopic cell and grows wiser with each word when he feels new feelings. Don’t miss chapter two!