Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chapter Four: Chains of “Hiding” Cells

Cells are made in chains in order to move and get around. The technique also helps them hide from organisms that cause fear, dead cells, depressed cells, great danger, and sickness like germs and something that wasn’t mentioned in the previous chapter: Regoheketti himself. Well, you probably all have the same question: Why would the creator cause fear? Because Rego loves all his creations no matter what. Rego was not very experienced in caring for himself, cells, and germs. Rego had not lived with the germs so he didn’t understand that the germs were evil!

However, the cells were wiser and had much more experience than the creator. So, that means that the cells fear Rego because they know Rego likes germs more than cells! All cells fear Rego and all cells dislike the creator! All the cells hate Rego and all of the cells are thankful for Re: Rego’s first child.

You see, Re had been created by the only cell stupid enough to do Rego a favor. The story is that there was the most famous cell (she is famous for a lot of good things and one bad thing).  So, to be continued . . .

Find out about the survival of cells and the surprisingly dangerous god Rego. More importantly, will he become his full potential god form? And who’s going persuade Rego to believe that germs are evil? Don’t miss chapter five! 

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